Sound is something very personal to each and every venue and their owners, some want maximum volume for specific nights and some want quality over everything else… but whether its the first or the last or anything in between, at DJnStuff we believe that talking to our clients to help them achieve their visions not just in budget but time restraints is critical.

We rely on past accomplishments and recommendations to ensure an unblemished personal portfolio, some of which can be seen in our previews.

Bars, clubs, schools, village halls, offices, meeting rooms, churches, barns, shop retail, pretty much everything that relies on sound for its form of business we can give you advice and help with any type of install or upgrade requirements you have.

Working with top quality manufacturers like Martin Audio, Nexo, Tannoy, FBT, Clever Acoustics, and Monacor. These help us to choose quality products that along with correct control equipment, will last for years and provide the least amount of downtime with regular servicing and ease of maintenance.

Words like 8ohm, 4 ohm, bridge mode, crossover, 100v line sometimes are “scary” or “intimidating”… we prefer to talk in plain english. Speaker, Amplifier, Cable are words that you will be familiar with and our engineers can be on hand to guide you through the process of design and onwards to installation.

We have Builders and Electricians who work along side us if anything needs to be adapted or added for the installation to be completed.

You can contact by e-mail, phone or visit our full retail store in berkshire to discuss your requirements.

Areas currently covered – Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Surrey, West London. Other areas on request.




Here’s what our previous clients have to say :-

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