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How we use lighting

Clubs, Bars and Restaurants rely on ambient and atmospheric lighting to give the customer an immersive experience. Its not just “disco” lighting that is used anymore.

With the upgrade in LED technology it has opened a wealth of new opportunities and reliability to create the perfect vision for you and your guests.

Years ago we relied on a PAR CAN or a Fresnal light for stages and bars with clubs using mirror effects to throw beams about.

The problem was the amount of power they had to use and the heat created gave all sorts of issues for long periods of times when installed. LED has changed all that with 20+ light being able to run from one single supply and zero cooling needed on some fixtures meaning servicing schedules are minimal and replacements could be years down the line.

If you have a lighting requirement we would love to help.

Its not just DJ and Disco lighting we use, Stage, Hall, bars, offices all utilize “light” of some kind or another.

Restaurants and Schools, Village Halls, Clubs and Bars are our specialty.

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Light Changes Everything

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