Choosing a artist for an event is a very very personal choice… a bad choice will ruin not only an atmosphere but at a wedding the entire day.

At Out of this World our DJ’s have built their entire reputation on word of mouth recommendations and referrals

Learning at an early age that a “DJ” is someone who plays music… where as an overall “Entertainer” is so much more

Someone who can read a crowd, make announcements, pick a song or a list of songs that cater for near enough every person in the room.

We do the DJ booking process differently here

Firstly we speak to the client to find out what sort of event they require

We get all the information on location, timings, number of guests

This allows us to decide what kind of dj ( we have many that work under our umbrella ) to provide and more importantly give a fair and reasonable price for the amount of work involved

Call us…. 01628 543843 or 07956138014 Talk to Andy or Sarah

Pop into our retail store in Taplow, Maidenhead 6 days a week.

Let us make that event as special as YOU would like it to be.

(See Below for our different types of set-ups and options for your event)

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